Avoid Annoying Blackouts With a Standby Generator

Hire an experienced generator repair and installation company in Lubbock, Midland & Fort Worth, TX

Power outages can wreak havoc at your home or workplace. Without power, your refrigerated goods will spoil and your business could be forced to close. With a standby generator, you won't have to worry about disastrous power outages. As soon as your home or commercial facility loses power, your standby generator will activate to keep the power on.

Master Lee's Electrical Services LLC installs and repairs home generators in the Lubbock, Midland & Fort Worth, TX area. If your generator breaks down, we can repair it. Arrange for generator repair or installation services by calling 806-746-7886 now.

Discover the many benefits of owning a standby generator

Looking for a company that installs dependable home generators? Look no further. Master Lee's Electrical Services offers generator repair and installation services in Lubbock, Midland & Fort Worth, TX. A standby generator will:

  • Start quickly and automatically
  • Power your entire home or business
  • Keep refrigerated products from spoiling
  • Provide safety during blackouts
  • Reduce your insurance rates

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You invested in a Generac automatic home backup generator, and now you're never without power. But just like a car, air-cooled backup generators need to be properly maintained to perform as intended. We recommend you have your unit serviced every 6 months. Our factory-trained technicians are available to handle all your Generac servicing needs.

If you are looking for the Owner's Manual for your generator (or any other Generac equipment), please use the online product support on the Generac.com website.
You can use your model number or serial number to find your manual by using the form located here: http://www.generac.com/service-support/product-support-lookup

For questions about the warranty of your Generac generator (or other Generac equipment), please contact Generac directly at 888-GENERAC (888-436-3722)

To ensure accurate warranty coverage, please make sure your Generac equipment is registered at https://register.generac.com

An added benefit of registering is proof-of-purchase in the event of an insurance loss such as fire, flood or theft.